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I Am Alive: I am first-person, I am not a Jade Raymond game


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UK mag GamesTM has the scoop on ... well, only a couple of particularly new details concerning Ubisoft's disaster-survival game, I Am Alive. In a new preview, it is revealed that the game is played from a first-person perspective with a limited focus on weapons (cue "Edge of Disaster" and "Disaster's Edge" japes) and is not -- as previously rumored -- being produced by Assassin's Creed lead, Jade Raymond.

The role of senior producer on the game is actually being filled by Alexis Goddard, who revealed to the magazine some examples of gameplay beyond traversing the ruins of Chicago looking for water. "We encourage the players to use tactics, diversion, and discretion," said Goddard, mentioning that an empty shotgun can be very persuasive if enemies don't realize it's out of ammo.

As for comparisons to Mirror's Edge that will undoubtedly be brought about by the game's first-person platforming and use of violence as a last resort? "We wanted the player to really feel the power of Mother Nature, to feel the danger coming from the collapsing towers and devastating rifts, feel the chaos happening all around him," Goddard said. "There's nothing like a first-person view to create that kind of emotion."

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