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Logitech's new PC gaming peripherals go over(key)board


Is your desk just not looking enough like the dashboard of an Imperial TIE fighter? Logitech is seeking to solve what it evidently sees as a common dilemma with its new G-Series gaming peripherals.

The offerings are headlined by the G19 keyboard ($199), which features an integrated 320x240 color LCD, presumably for targeting Rebel scum. There's also a 5000DPI G9x mouse ($99) for really accurate kills and a G35 voice headset ($129) that simulates 7.1 audio and, taking a cue from the insanely popular Xbox 360 feature, changes the pitch of your voice, should you so desire. Look for the keyboard and headset in March; the mouse is set to follow in April. For more details, contact your designated supply officer or Sienar Fleet Systems directly.

[Via Engadget]

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