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NeuroActive Bike promises to train your brain as you work out


Ok, so it may not be quite the brain-wired contraption that the name suggests, but this so-called NeuroActive Bike is still pretty unique in its own right, and it could possibly be headed to a gym near you. Apparently, the bike has already turned up at a handful of gyms in Canada and France, and the company behind it, Brain Center America, has now announced that it'll be headed to some Lady of America Fitness Centers in the US. The bike itself is basically a standard exercise bike with a built-in Brain Age-type game, which BCA says includes 22 different "brain-stimulating exercises" that'll train different parts of your brain as you work out. No word on a home version just yet, unfortunately, but the basic software is actually available separately if you want to have a go at building your own rig -- and if you do, be sure to send us some pictures.

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