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Sony: PS3 holiday sales up 130%


Ian Jackson, VP of sales for Sony Computer Entertainment America, told CNET that internal data shows a 130% increase in PS3 sales during the holiday season (post-Black Friday). Jackson also claims that the PS3 has seen 40% sales growth during the calendar year. He expects the momentum to continue in to the new year ... but really, what else is he going to say? Now is not the time for a Sony exec to say anything ... troubling.

Playing with percentages is fun, but we don't really know if Jackson was speaking globally or about the US. If he's talking globally, it might very well be possible that the world is picking up America's sales slack. However, if Jackson is talking about the holiday sales in the US, then Sony must have done gangbusters in December, because we know that November was not a good year-over-year month for the PS3. NPD's December data, which should be out in the coming weeks, will give a clearer picture of how the PS3 did during the holiday season.

[Via Eurogamer]

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