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The Queue: I'm sick of pandas

Alex Ziebart

Welcome back to The Queue, WoW Insider's daily Q&A column where the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft.

I'm bored of hearing about Pandas and Pandaren, so I am declaring today 'pandas aren't real' day. If you think about pandas at any point throughout the day, you must throw yourself out of a window. No, I'm not going to defenestrate myself for writing this, because I made the holiday so I make the rules. However, I will not think about pandas starting.... now!

Kevin Gass

Is there a way (be it a mod or not) to alert me whenever a cooldown is done. For example, as a Shaman whenever Maelstrom is ready, a bright and noticeable pop up says it's ready. I would love something to tell me whenever Ghost Wolf and Shamanistic Rage are ready. I would use them more often! Thanks in advance!

I'm guessing you mean Feral Spirit and not Ghost Wolf, right? Well, either way, you're definitely going to need to look to mods if you want alerts that really pop out at you. Some things will show up in the Scrolling Combat Text in the basic UI, but that's sort of a clunky use of it and not everything shows up there.

There are a ton of mods that will do this for you, all depending on how you want it to look. If you want the cooldown on your action bar to be easier to notice, use the very simple mod called Cooldowns. It adds a big yellow countdown timer on your buttons. If you want something more than that, or something more customizable, you may want to go with ClassTimer or TellMeWhen. Another alternative is a more robust combat text mod, like ScrollingCombatText.

Maelstrom may be a problem since it's a stacking buff, so I don't know how well that works in these mods currently, but I bet our readers would know a bit more. Readers?

Frostfire asked...

Question about WI itself, where did "Ready Check" go? I was using it as a great guide to Naxx 10 and 25, but it disappeared before finishing every quarter. Thought it might be a holiday break at first, but now I'm missing it. It's a very helpful article and I was wondering what happened to it.

It didn't go away or anything, Jennie Lees has just been pretty busy with other things lately. Allison Robert (who covered Ask a Beta Tester with me pretty often awhile back) is going to be filling in for her, so it'll be back real soon.

Eternauta asked...

When will Blizz get rid of weapon skills? They are annoying!

They're pretty annoying, yeah, but I don't think they'll go anywhere. Leveling them is lame, but they're a fairly big part of how the combat system works. I think we'd see a change to make leveling them easier before we see them disappear entirely, if we see any changes at all.

K asked...

No matter how many times I turn it off, my pet just LOVES to cower regardless. Is there any way to stop this for serious?

Yeah, this is a known bug. You need to drag Cower onto your action bar, and turn off autocast there. If you just turn it off in your spellbook, it'll turn itself back on.
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