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Hands-on with Casio's EX-FS10 and EX-FC100 compacts: 30fps burst, 1000fps video


After the presser, we had the chance to go hands-on with Casio's high-bursting EX-FS10 and EX-FC100 compacts here at CES. The EX-FS10 (pictured above) was particularly impressive considering its small size and 30fps burst mode capability (and 1000fps movie mode for slow motion playback) that puts DSLRs to shame. However, any advantage is bound to end there as that integrated lens and tiny sensor are outclassed by even the lowest end DSLR. We weren't able to sample the shooting modes, but damn if these didn't feel good in hand. More in the gallery below including the new EX-Z400, EX-Z270, and EX-S12 compacts with EXILIM Engine 4.0 processing and dynamic photo function we saw during the press event.

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