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Hands-on with T-Mobile's revised Shadow

Chris Ziegler

Windows Mobile Standard devices -- you know, those pre-touchscreen relics -- are getting to be tougher sales by the day. Touch is perceived as a "premium" experience (we're not entirely sold on that) and with boatloads of price pressure in that category, these little guys are liable to get squeezed clean out of the market. The new Shadow, even more so than the original Shadow before it, definitely belies its Windows Mobile underpinnings with a funky shell that's fit for average consumers who just want a decent looking slider -- never mind a smartphone. The red-to-black gradient rear was totally bangin', but as is all too often the case these days, the glossy top was a brutal canvas for grease, fingerprints, and other unsavory stains that you probably don't want to press against your face. It's a tradeoff, we suppose.

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