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KNiiTTiiNG teaches creative yarn tangling with the Wiimote


If Roger Ebert would rather knit than play video games, how much interest would he have in a project that uses video game hardware to teach knitting? Well, probably not much, because he already knows how. But for people who already like games and want to like knitting, the KNiiTTiiNG! project might be a wonderful thing.

Created by Rachel Beth Egenhoefer and Kyle E. Jennings, KNiiTTiiNG uses Wiimote and Nunchuk motions to simulate the movements of knitting needles, in a Dance Dance Revolution-style game in which players knit and purl in response to onscreen prompts in order to create virtual tea cozies and such.

The project is currently in beta, but maybe if we're lucky we'll get some kind of homebrew release that uses the actual Wii, or at least a playable PC version. In the ideal situation, we'd remind the developers that WiiWare has no distribution or packaging costs! We'd love to use our expert waggling skills to learn a real, useful one.

[Via Crafty Crafty]

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