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Macworld Expo: Bee Docs Timeline 3D makes complex timelines easy


One of my favorite things about Macworld Expo is the "stealth" apps for the Mac that make appearances on the show floor, addressing a specialized need or a focused market that bigger companies overlook. Some might deride these programs as unitaskers, but the investment of a few bucks in a tool that does one thing and does it very well should be weighed against the time and effort that the single-purpose app will save you compared to doing the same thing in a more flexible environment.

Case in point: BeeDocs Timeline & Timeline 3D, a couple of unitaskers with style if ever I saw some. Timeline first takes event data, whether manually entered, or imported/subscribed from a variety of calendar formats and apps. Then it lets you add your art for backgrounds and specific events, and it creates a beautifully formatted 2D or 3D timeline ready for print or online output. Teachers, presentation pros and even lawyers can leverage fast and easy timeline production to enhance their content.

During the show, you can get Timeline for the "lowest-ever" pricing of $30. If you teach, train or demonstrate, and your content includes historical overviews or change-through-time data, you should give it a look. See our video interview in the 2nd half of the post for a quick peek at the software.

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