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New details on custom powers and more for Champions Online

Kyle Horner

It seems like Champions Online is starting to exist in that development space where there's quite a bit of solid, factual information ready to be divulged. How do we know? Easy, the latest Ask Cryptic -- traditionally at least semi-informative, if not pretty entertaining -- gets quite detailed on the subjects of power customization, grinding, character creation and non-combative roles such as healers and buffers.

Our seasoned MMO geek "detectotrons" are telling us that a tidal wave of new information is possibly just around the corner, but even so, this newest volley of answers is surprisingly satisfying. That being said, we'd love to hear more about the quest, crafting and PvP systems designed into Champions Online. If only because after creating your superhero, his nemesis (and lackeys) and doing the tutorial, those are the meat and bones of any MMORPG.

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