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Refreshingly, iPhone apes HTC with AniWeather app

Chris Ziegler

All kidding aside, buying an iPhone and saying "gee, I wish this worked a little more like my Touch Diamond" really isn't a totally ridiculous thing to say. The topmost layer of TouchFLO 3D's one of the most refined UIs you can find on any mobile platform, and while we don't really see Apple ganking UI elements from it directly, independent devs are more than happy to do as they please. On that note, check out AniWeather -- now available in the App Store -- which looks suspiciously (nay, delightfully) like TouchFLO's weather widget and features totally wild animations that'll make even the most brutal weather conditions entertaining. What's next, a port of WinMo 6.1's 'Getting Started' app? Faceted replacement covers? Apple contracts with One & Co?

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