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'Hardcore Gamer' magazine being sold to ... highest eBay bidder


Well, at least 1UP didn't have to endure this sort of treatment. The owner of enthusiast magazine "Hardcore Gamer" has seemingly decided to bid his hobby-turned-business adieu and ... sell it to the highest bidder on eBay. "We're very well established within the video game industry and are currently enjoying all the respect and recognition that a print magazine gets, that the thousands of gaming web sites may never get," reads the seller's description. "If you want instant establishment in the game industry, you won't find another opportunity as quick and easy to get into as this."

Interested? Well, the magazine -- distributed nationally by DoubleJump Books -- and all its associated copyrights, back issues, internet domains etc. can be yours for the starting bid of $42,000. We've contacted the magazine to confirm the listing [Update: Confirmed!] and possibly suss out a "buy it now" price. After all, what better time to invest in a gaming magazine than ...


[Thanks, Adam]

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