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Sharp shows off the XV-Z15000 1080p projector


Sharp's chosen to focus on creating an affordable 1080p home projector, rolling out the single chip DLP-based XV-Z15000. Ready for the discerning customer with $2,999 in their pocket, it features a 30,000:1 contrast ratio and 1600 ANSI brightness, plus Keystone Correction ready to take care of any type of distortion that may crop up. Projector heads can put this up against the PT-AE3000 and company when it ships in March.

Affordable High-End Home Theater Projector Offers Full Native High-Definition Resolution
and High Brightness for Enhanced Viewing Experience
LAS VEGAS, January 7, 2009 – Sharp debuts a new 1080p DLP home theater front projector that represents an outstanding value in the home theater market. The XV-Z15000 projector bundles an unprecedented 30,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and high brightness in a price-competitive model, recreating a true cinematic experience. Featuring a sleek high-gloss black design, the XV-Z15000 utilizes a single 1080p DLP® 0.65" DMD chip from Texas Instruments (TI) to create one of the most spectacular images available in projection today. The true widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio projector provides cinema-quality images so consumers can enjoy movies in their original widescreen format, from the comfort of their own home.
"As 1080p becomes the standard for high-definition content, Sharp has developed an affordable Full HD 1080p front projector, reinstating Sharp's strong presence in the front projection market," said Bruce Tripido, associate vice president, marketing, Entertainment Products Division, Sharp. "The XV-Z15000 expands our suite of 1080p projectors and allows home theater enthusiasts to experience their favorite films with superior picture quality without leaving their home."
The XV-Z15000 has true 16:9 widescreen movie viewing and a full HD native resolution of 1920 x 1080, producing clear and vivid images. A 24 Hz film mode delivers the accurate representation of the film's originally intended frame rate, giving consumers a more realistic viewing experience. With a contrast ratio of 30,000:1, the XV-Z15000 can discern fine, detailed differences between the darkest and lightest colors and provides superior black level reproduction. A high brightness level of 1600 ANSI lumens delivers a magnificent and crystal-clear picture.
A 6 Segment 6-Speed color wheel achieves flicker-free, high-grade images and accurate color reproduction for an uninterrupted image. A powered iris switchover function gives the consumer enhanced control over brightness and contrast settings with the touch of a button on the remote control, providing flexibility in varying home theater environments with different lighting situations. To maintain an accurate image, the XV-Z15000 includes Keystone Correction, which corrects spherical, cylindrical and trapezoidal distortion of an image on a flat screen. Furthermore, the projector offers an auto V-Keystone Correction button to automatically activate in response to the installation angle of the projector.
For easier installations these models include two HDMIÔ terminals (version 1.3 with x.v.Color), to ensure a secure digital connection with compatible high-definition set-top boxes or Blu-ray DiscÔ players. The unit also features an RS-232C input for custom installations. Convenience is further enhanced with easy installation and whisper-quiet operation.
Pricing and availability
* The XV-Z15000 will be available in March for a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $2,999.99

For more information on Sharp's full line of consumer electronics products, contact Sharp Electronics Corporation, Sharp Plaza, Mahwah, New Jersey 07495 or call 877-388-SHARP for SharpVision products. For Sharp products call 800-BE-SHARP. For online product information, visit Sharp's Web site at

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