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The Daily Grind: Would you like to see more lifetime subscriptions?


Yesterday's grind concerned the very real problem of having to let one of your subscriptions lapse due to the state of the economy. When the times are tough and money is tight, sometimes you need to find what will ultimately pay off in the end for you. So, today's question is ultimately derived from yesterday's question -- would you like more games to offer lifetime subscriptions, like Lord of the Rings Online?

For those unfamiliar with the system, Lord of the Rings Online offers subscribers the ability to pay a fee, about 299 dollars, and then that's it. No more paying a monthly fee for the rest of the lifetime of the game. While it's an extremely high upfront cost, the benefit is that you will never pay again to keep your account active. Instead of worrying about lapsing subscriptions, you can play when you want, whenever you want.

The downside to this, besides the upfront cost, is the problem that may occur if your game doesn't do so well. Hellgate: London lifetime subscribers are currently feeling this problem, as their game is leaving them high and dry. The lifetime subscription is only good if your game survives long enough to make it worth your while -- the one downside to this type of payment plan.

But, we leave the final judgment to you, readers. Would you like more of your games to offer this type of subscription plan? Comment away!

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