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Toshiba showing off 56-inch Cell-based 4k x 2k HDTV, prototype MIDs

Darren Murph

Unlike most everyone else at CES, Toshiba has decided to out all of its expo materials in one single PR. Unfortunately, we were already well aware of most things mentioned, but we felt it prudent to pass along a few unique mentions. First off, it'll be demonstrating a Cell-based prototype HDTV with a 56-inch 4k x 2k panel; said set can upconvert full 1080p to 3,840 x 2,160p thanks to its Resolution+ technology, which frankly has our mouths watering profusely. Additionally, we'll supposedly see a 55-inch LED-backlit panel that's also controlled by the Cell platform, which will seek to demonstrate "high-speed control of all picture parameters, including an innovative local dimming function." In somewhat related news (but not at all, really), we're also told of a few conceptual MIDs that'll make it to the show floor, including an internet notepad, a water-resistant viewer and a 5-millimeter card-sized device. For the full spill, give that read link a gentle tap.

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