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What features are you anticipating most in Darkfall Online?

Shawn Schuster

With a game like the upcoming Darkfall Online, the opinions can become quite polarized. It is already labeled "The Fantasy EVE", in regards to its hardcore nature, and I think most people understand that it will be a niche game without wide appeal. But is that such a bad thing?

Over that Keen and Graev's blog, they've compiled a detailed list of the Darkfall features that they're looking forward to the most. This includes everything from the hardcore PvP to the degradable loot to the fact that the game has no levels. Don't forget about the crafting system! Personally, while I'll miss leveling a tiny bit, every aspect of this game excites me to no end. I'm looking forward to setting up shop as an expert crafter, and even throwing out a little security money to the local roughneck guild that will protect my shop from ruffians.

So check out their list and let us know your own in the comments below.

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