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Around Azeroth: My city of ruins


This is all your fault. You promised to help out the Shattered Sun Offensive. You worked tirelessly for them for months, putting in hours a day, to the point where they exalted you and proclaimed you one of them. Then one cold fall day, you went away and never came back. Of course, without your help, Kael'thas immediately managed to summon Kil'jaeden, and they've been destroying the Isle of Quel'danas for the past few months. But you won't notice, will you? Not until the Burning Legion sweeps down on Silvermoon City and interrupts business at your precious Auction House. You disgust me.

Actually, Empwolf of Elune snapped a bunch of shots of a completely empty Quel'danas -- no NPCs, no mobs, no players -- just after a server reset yesterday morning. The whole abandoned-city motif makes me really hope my copy of Fallout 3 arrives soon.

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