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ASUS' Eee D200 with touchscreen display sneaks out in Taiwan


Here's a strange one. The image above was attached to an email sent to Engadget Chinese boasting about the immense interest in ASUS' booth at CES this year. However, the Eee D200 has never been announced and we're pretty sure that's not the booth open to the public here in Las Vegas. Regardless, we can see clearly from the spec card that the D200 is some kind of low-end Atom PC (and possible media server) with up to 2TB of RAID storage, 5-channel HD audio out, and slot loading DVD writer targeting the home network. The inclusion of an 802.11n access point just adds to the mystery. Oh, and that 3.5-inch LCD is touch-sensitive. Now spill it ASUS, what is this thing?

Update: We just received further information from the D200 product manager. The NAS runs Linux but the on-board touchscreen was not quite ready for public demonstration. Sorry no prices ready for disclosure.

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