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Boxee opens up alpha, adds iPlayer support for UK users


It isn't just about Macworld; shockingly there is some other tech news happening this week as well. Our pals over at boxee have just announced a new version, some love for UK users and some great news: no more invites needed!

Instead of hounding me (I kid, I never minded) for a boxee invite, you can sign-up yourself at and get downloads for the Mac, Apple TV and Ubuntu. The Windows alphas are still in closed testing, but progress is moving quickly.

Here's a run-down on what's new and improved:

  • iPlayer support for UK users -- no more crying over the lack of overseas Hulu; you can now get the iPlayer via boxee
  • Joost support
  • MTV Music support
  • dual-screen support
  • Netflix improvements
  • search in Hulu
  • updates to the SMB library

Netflix is still only working on the Mac and not on the Apple TV, but this is a great update. I've been seeing some of the private builds and the improvements are nice. A reminder, boxee is still in alpha, but the development process is on a tear!

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