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City of Heroes Mac client goes gold

Noble citizens, we bring you glad tidings from the city of Paragon. For on this day, those who staunchly refuse to give up their beloved Macs for more MMO choice have a new (native) game to play! Word has come down from the folks at NCsoft that the City of Heroes Mac client has gone gold and is available for all you hip caped crusaders to download. No more will you have to mess with flipping over to the evil tyrrany of Windows to get your crime-fighting on! As if that weren't enough to make you jump gleefully into the Mac client, you will also get an exclusive Valkyrie costume set and (here's the good stuff) a mission teleporter that will allow you to port directly to the door of your active mission. Say bye-bye travel time - and be the envy of all your non-Mac CoX playing friends.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, those Very Silly People at NC NorCal have produced a very special video for the Mac fans in the house. Of course, anyone who owns a Mac (or a TV for that matter) has undoubtedly seen a similar video, but it took the City of Heroes & City of Villains developers to put this particular spin on it. Curious? You can check out their new video behind the cut!

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