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EA Sports coming to PlayStation Home with dedicated space, games


Electronic Arts has announced its first foray into PlayStation Home with a dedicated EA Sports label game space, the EA Sports Complex. Set to appear in the Home open beta this spring, the space will contain live leaderboards for all of the EA Sports label's titles, along with games designed specifically for the space (multiplayer poker and an arcade-style Formula 1 racer have been revealed thus far).

EA Sports president Peter Moore said in a press release, "As part of our continued commitment to the connected experience and the digitization of our business, the EA SPORTS Complex is a rich new online environment that presents a compelling and immersive social gaming experience for the global sports audience." Come again, Peter? English.

As you can see in the first released image of the space, there will be ads aplenty. In addition to banners and other signage, the space will feature multiple video walls displaying ads trailers for upcoming EA Sports titles. EA has confirmed that it is working with SCEA on additional Home spaces for its Games and Casual labels. Check out a video walkthrough of the EA Sports Complex after the break.

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