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Fallout 3: New 'Operation Anchorage' screens, 'Broken Steel' level cap revealed


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Bethesda released new screens today for Fallout 3's Operation Anchorage DLC, along with word on how high it'll raise the game's level cap with the third DLC pack, Broken Steel, planned for March. The new Operation Anchorage screens (which can be viewed in the gallery below) reveal a ninja suit, a snowy lake landscape and a commie Chinese bunker. The DLC pack is scheduled for release later this month at 800 ($10, 50 caps or 100 pieces of scrap metal).

Bethesda also informed Eurogamer that Broken Steel will raise the player's level cap to 30. We'd previously known that the bump was coming, but had no idea how high. Patient folks may care to wait and see if a discount happens on the packs down the line. As for us, well... that ninja armor looks like it might be worth $10.

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