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Next EVE Online expansion named Apocrypha, launches March 10

James Egan

The other day we picked up on a video interview with the CEO of CCP Games, who announced a firm March 10th release date for the next EVE Online expansion -- but until today, that expansion wasn't given a name. CCP Games announced the "Apocrypha" expansion this morning, and a bit of what it'll bring to EVE.

The Apocrypha feature page isn't up yet -- so more details are likely to emerge -- but thus far they've confirmed two new game mechanics will be coming to EVE in March. Wormhole exploration is an upcoming feature that will allow EVE's explorers to discover new technology, used to create the next iteration of ships in New Eden -- Tech III. These modular ship designs will potentially allow for thousands of different configurations of ships to suit different purposes, and are a far cry from the Tech I and Tech II ship hulls currently flown in New Eden. In addition, Apocrypha will bring Epic Mission Arcs. The release states: "These branching, far-reaching mission strings are full of meaningful stories and more intelligent and deadly adversaries."

EVE Online's Apocrypha expansion will also mark the first time the game has been sold in stores since its launch over five years ago. The partnership between CCP Games and Atari will have an added benefit for the game's Mac users -- the boxed version will include Premium graphics support (the Trinity graphics engine) for the Mac client. However, you won't need to buy the retail version to get this functionality, CCP confirmed for Massively this morning. They added that Premium graphics on Mac will be included in the regular client update to Apocrypha in March, and like all of the game's expansions, is free of charge. This is a long-awaited change that the Mac users among EVE's playerbase have been calling for.

While the game itself is pushing ahead, Apocrypha will also offer a New Player Experience to ease rookies into EVE, and may well be worth going through for returning players who've been away from New Eden for a while.

Keep an eye on Massively for more on the Apocrypha expansion as the March release date approaches.

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