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The Daily Grind: Are you holding down the fort in Tabula Rasa?


Listen up soldier and listen well! You have only a little over two months before the Bane reinforcements arrive and put the entire army of the Allied Free Sentients at risk in Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa! We at the detatchment want to know if you are on the front lines of the war, or are spending time in other battlefronts!

With the game becoming free to play, it seems that more soldiers are adding to the AFS front lines every day. But we here at Massively understand that you may not want to pick up your gun, as you know the war will be ending on February 28th! But the skilled engineers of the AFS have added many new tools of destruction to the field of war, such as a first-person tactical combat view and the highly anticipated PAUs and mechs!

So are you with us, soldier? Are you going to be using less mew mew and more pew pew? Shout out your plans in the comment box below, but be loud! That Bane artillery cannon on our position is causing too much of a racket!

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