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WoW Moviewatch: A very Northrend christmas: Out in the cold


The holiday season is behind us, and we're pretty much done with the holiday movie extravaganza. However, I wanted to take one last moment and enjoy a beautiful piece by Legs, titled "A very northrend christmas: Out in the cold." I'm not sure how we missed it before now, but I didn't want to let it be ignored this year.

The music is gorgeous, of course. Compared to the more hard rock Christmas videos, Legs's piece really brings out the beauty and elegance of the holiday season. I like the way the young Orc child stares around with wonder, and the serenity displayed by the Blood Elf angel. The music is suitably haunting and harmonious, synching very well with the crystalline imagery of the video.

This is the last of the holiday videos for this season. But, like I said, I wanted to make sure Legs got her due, considering the beauty of this piece. Click here to see it yourself!

[Via, thanks to Lindi for the tip!]

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