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All four Burnout Paradise Legendary Cars revealed


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The Back to the Future-inspired hovering 88 Special was just one of four cars to be introduced in the upcoming Legendary Cars DLC pack. Today, Criterion has revealed all four, one of them taking a cue from Ghostbusters. The Manhattan Spirit is based on the film's Ecto-1 -- in the game, it's a stunt car that has some kind of special ability when players hit L3. Hrm.

The Carson Nighthawk, based on Night Rider's KITT, has a special lighting array triggered by boosting, which should look fantastic at night. Finally, the Cavalry Bootlegger is a tribute to "The Chicanator," with a massive horn that can be triggered with L3. The fanservice can be seen in all its glory in our gallery.

Update: Video after the break.


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