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List of post-merger servers for Age of Conan released

Michael Zenke

We've known for some time now that Age of Conan's server list would be shrinking. After some fits and starts, the successful merger of Bloodspire and Hyperborea has set the stage for the wholesale conglomeration of the Age of Conan server farm. The official forums are carrying the final list of post-merger servers, and the US list stands at a svelte six remaining gameworlds. That's down from an initial list of about twenty-five, and the post-merger list for the EU side will stand at just twelve gameworlds.

Here's the final list of the post-merger US servers:
  • Set (PvE)
    * Damballah
    * Bardisattva
    * Dagoth
    * Derketo
    * Hanuman

  • Wiccana (PvE)
    * Mannanan
    * Ajujo
    * Thog
    * Zug
    * Omm

  • Gwahlur (PvE - Oceaninc)

  • Tyranny (PvP)
    * Scourge
    * Bluesteel
    * Stormrage
    * Deathwhisper
    * Doomsayer
    * Shadowblade

  • Cimmeria (PvP-RP)
    * Bane

  • Bloodspire (PvP - Oceanic) - already merged
    * Hyperborea
All of these mergers are slated to happen next week, and actual downtime and scheduled mergers will be announced sometime soon. You can read up on the official forums for player reaction, or continue on below the cut for a full list of the final international servers.

English Servers

  • Crom (PVE)
    * Ymir
    * Bori
    * Bloodbrand (Ahriman)
    * Dagon

  • Hyrkania (PVE-RP)

  • Fury (PvP)
    * Battlescar
    * Wildsoul
    * Soulstorm
    * Twilight

  • Aquilonia (PvP-RP)
    * Corinthia
German Servers
  • Mitra (PvE)
    * Ibis
    * Asura

  • Aries (PvP)
    * Titus

  • Asgard (PvP-RP)

French Servers
  • Ishtar (PvE)

  • Ferox (PvP)
    * Strix

  • Stygia (PvP-RP)
Spanish Servers
  • Zingara (PvE)

  • Indomitus (PvP)

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