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New patent describes Miyamoto-developed hint system


While the language used in patents is miles above our heads, we feel obligated to try to report on it, because it's apparently Miyamoto's design, and it's potentially quite cool. If we understand correctly, Miyamoto has invented a system that allows players of vastly different skill levels to play adventure games like Zelda, with the ability to skip or receive hints at difficult areas. In addition to accommodating various skill levels, this is designed for people who don't have a lot of time to play games. In effect, it makes the skill level almost totally configurable.

One component of the idea is low-resolution "hint movies" that display the solutions to difficult puzzles at the player's request. In addition, there is a "digest" component that allows players just to watch the game's storyline up to the point of their choosing -- but only after a specified time period (presumably to encourage people to play the game for some number of hours before watching). Finally, there's a DVD-style "chapter" ability that allows players to start the game from a previous "scene" -- rather like the save system in the new Pikmin remake.

All the associated images use a Zelda-like game "Legend of OO" to demonstrate the concepts, but that might just be a context used to help explain the concepts. But if you want to call "OMG NEXT ZELDA CONFIRMED WITH HINT SYSTEM THING," have fun! And if the USPTO image viewer doesn't work for you, check the linked NeoGAF thread for a few images.

[Via NeoGAF]

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