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OpenPeak intros Atom-powered ProFrame VoIP phone

Darren Murph

Hey, cube dwellers -- call your manager over and give him / her a look at this, because starting today, conference calling will never be the same. From what we can tell, this is the world's first Atom-powered telephone, and also the first telephone we've seen in years that we would joyously park in our own living rooms. OpenPeak's ProFrame is an all-in-one conglomerate that handles VoIP calling and offers up a 7-inch touchscreen panel and "an intuitive navigation menu for easy access to contacts, instant messaging, voicemail, calendar, call logs, memos, news, stocks, weather, and many other useful services." Sure, this critter was totally designed with the hospitality industry in mind, but don't tell us this couldn't be molded into a wicked widgets portal for the home.

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