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Quantum Theory uses tech from Ninja Gaiden Sigma


Tecmo's upcoming PS3-exclusive shooter, Quantum Theory, isn't made by the notorious Team Ninja studio. However, why should developers Team Tachyon relearn a system that their peers have already mastered? The technology is owned by Tecmo, so why not share resources? "Team Ninja has already put out a game, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, on the PS3, and internally we've already shared the knowledge, and the know-how, and we're very aware of the technological challenges that they had," Keisuke Kikuchi explained to Gamasutra. "So, in a way, we have already been exposed to that."

Starting from an already existing base of technology will help the team get more out of the PS3's immense potential. Ninja Gaiden looked good, but the Tecmo tech can certainly be stretched even further. "We think that we can push it to the next level with Quantum Theory. So it's not like we're completely starting from scratch, but the luxury of having a team, internally, that has already worked on a PS3 title, definitely has been a help."

Tecmo has yet to release real-time footage of the game in motion, but we're hoping to see more from this exciting PS3 game in the future.

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