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Relics of Ulduar to stay soulbound?


A poster in the general forums today outlined his, and many others, money making strategy they'll do when patch 3.0.8 goes live:

This is a solid scheme, it seemed, to make a metric ton of gold. In 3.0.8 Relics will be able to be turned in for Sons of Hodir reputation. Everyone and their mother are going to want them.

However a response by Bornakk, a Blizzard Community Manager, reads "Is there a problem? Yes sir, the data on the relics is inaccurate. While things can still change, they may remain souldbound."

So in the typical Blizzard fashion of not confirming anything outright, they have more or less strongly hinted that relics will remain soulbound in 3.0.8. So much for the money making scheme.

The other downside to this is that many people were saving up relics to give to their alts. I know that I have loads of them waiting to go to whatever alt I decide I want to gear out. So much for that too.

While we'll have to wait until we see patch 3.0.8 on the live servers apparently, I wouldn't count on this change anymore.

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