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Undead Knights developer loves the PSP, made for real gamers


Undead Knights was announced as a PSP exclusive at Tokyo Game Show last year. We haven't seen anything on Undead Knights since, but Gamasutra managed to get an interview out of the mysterious Team Tachyon crew at Tecmo. The interview reveals that Kohei Shibata is in love with the PSP. He wanted to target hardcore gamers with this dark action game, and PSP was an ideal fit: "With the PSP versus the DS, it just seems like the DS lends more toward the casual gamers, and I'm not sure if the real gamers are there [wanting] an action gameplay experience."

The team is focusing on making a unique action experience, one that isn't simply about killing everything in your sight. "The most important thing, I think, is to be able to deliver a gameplay experience that's not just your typical action hack-and-slash, 'kill your enemies and move forward' game; there needs to be some sort of twist to an action game." The grim anti-hero approach of Undead Knights might have that "twist" they're looking for. Hopefully, it won't be long until we can see the fruits of their labor.

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