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Dual Electronics' XNAV43HD PND: first with real-time traffic via HD Radio

Darren Murph

You may have never heard of Dual Electronics, but the firm is getting talked up today courtesy of Clear Channel Radio. You see, said outfit has launched the world's first personal navigation device to support real-time traffic via HD Radio. The XNAV43HD can pull down up to 500 messages per minute in over 50 markets in which the new service is live, and all of the information will be continuously monitored and updated by Clear Channel's staff. Specs on the PND itself are as follows: 4.3-inch touchscreen, text-to-speech and a multimedia player. The $279.99 price tag ain't half bad, but our interest lies in how quickly this service will get rolled out to other navigators, factory-supplied and otherwise.

[Image courtesy of MP3Car]

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