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Unify4Life's BlackBerry products demoed at CES

Jacob Schulman

A duo of products on display from Unify4Life shows us just how much less productive we could be on our 'Berrys if we had 'em on us. The AV|Shadow and Garage|Shadow connect over Bluetooth and let you control a bevy of AV devices and your garage door, respectively. The demo we saw had the app controlling a PS3 and allowed use of the BlackBerry's keyboard and trackball to input text and move around, and it seemed to work pretty well. The Blackberry app itself looked pretty customizable and the UI was nicely done. Check out the gallery to see the photos of our demo with the PS3, but strangely they couldn't bring in a garage door to show us that product -- but we'll just have to take their word for it.

Gallery: Unify4Life's BlackBerry products demoed at CES | 5 Photos

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