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WoW Insider Show live this afternoon on Ustream

Mike Schramm

Our podcast is back as usual this afternoon, and it looks to be a great show. We'll have the results of Turpster's authenticator contest (there's still time to put the code word -- it's "bananas" -- in over on Facebook, if you haven't entered yet), and as usual, we'll do what we always do, which is answer reader email and chat about the most popular posts of the last week. This week, that'll include what's going on with professions lately, and how Blizzard might make them better, whether Ulduar will be harder or not, how some folks see WoW as offensive, and the new time limit on Arena matches (and whether it will make a difference or not).

And of course we'll talk about what we've been up to in the game lately, and if you stick around afterwards, we'll be live on the aftershow, when you can talk directly to us from the comments without those pesky recorders taking down our every word. It all kicks off at 3:30pm Eastern (8:30pm GMT) over on our Ustream page.

And as usual, I've also embedded the feed live in the second half of this post, so you can just click through to join in on the show and the conversation today. Whether you're raiding or soloing this afternoon, feel free to jump in the chat and give us a listen!

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