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AT&T CruiseCast in-car satellite TV service launching this Spring

Darren Murph

Mobile TV hasn't even taken off in the cellphone market, but it's already looking to take another sector by storm. AT&T has announced here at CES that its CruiseCast in-car satellite TV service will be launching this Spring, and we're told to expect 22 channels initially and 20 sat radio stations to boot. Not surprisingly, the system will set you back somethin' fierce: it'll cost $1,299 for the kit and $28 per month for the service. From the start, the channel lineup will include Disney Channel, Discovery Kids, Animal Planet, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network Mobile, USA, MSNBC, CNN Mobile Live and CNBC (among others), and you'll be required to install a three pound 11.3- x 10.3- x 4.3-inch antenna on the roof of your vehicle. Oh, and if you're looking for a little test drive before you buy in, Avis and Budget are expected to make it available in some locales for $9 a day or $63 per week.

[Via PC World]

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