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CES 2009: Feet-on with the X-Rocker Vibe

Justin McElroy

There's a magical subset of products one finds at CES, if one looks close enough. We call it the "We probably won't buy these, and we're not sure who will, but we're really glad they're in the universe" class of products. Yeah, we know, not the punchiest name. We're workshopping it.

A great example is the X-Rocker Vibe, an odd speaker stage that the company (which also makes a line of gaming-centric chairs) plans to launch sometime this year. X-Rocker said the Vibe was supposed to replicate the sensation of taking the stage at a rock show, but all we got was "playing Guitar Hero during an exceedingly mild earthquake." That said, the loud showfloor of CES isn't a great place for testing audio products, so we're going to give it the benefit of the doubt. Honestly, we're just happy it exists.

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