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CES 2009: Novint CEO wants Falcon on consoles by year's end

Justin McElroy

We're big fans of Novint's Falcon controller, which replicates the sense of touch in PC games pretty convincingly. We were even more excited after we wrapped our mitts around the new pistol grip and played a little Left 4 Dead. But we couldn't help ourselves from thinking: "Wouldn't it be great if players on PC and 360 could experience the thrill of having their gun hand pinned by a pouncing Hunter?"

Apparently a dabbler in the telepathic arts, Novint CEO Tom Anderson psychically absorbed our pleas and told us he wants the device to be on consoles by the end of 2009. Apparently, console manufacturers were holding out until they could see some support from game publishers, and now that companies are piling on to the Falcon, a console version of the device is more likely. We'd be crossing our fingers, if we could get this Hunter off of us.

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