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DC Universe Online video walkthrough shows new things aplenty

Kyle Horner

There's been a lot information coming out of CES 2009 concerning DC Universe Online, but it's all been text up until recently. Gametrailers has a three part video walkthrough that details things like character creation philosophy, combat, movement powers and even a fight alongside Superman himself. If that's not putting your tights in a tizzy, we're not really sure what will.

From the looks of things, DC Universe Online is certainly making good progress. We've been seeing the new player models for a couple of days now, but this is the first time in a while that we've seen any movement/attack animations. The newly added acrobatics travel power reminds us a lot of super leaping in City of Heroes, only with the added benefit of air-dashing, wall-grabbing and double-jumping. We're also digging the death penalty, or lackthereof, and how players can rally back from a knockdown if allies are nearby.
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