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Microsoft temporarily removes Windows 7 Beta download limit

Darren Murph

Good news, Windows 7 fanatics -- Microsoft has decided to nix that 2.5 million download limit in order to a) calm everyone down and b) enable its servers to relax just a wee bit. After the Windows 7 Beta download was launched, it took just hours to bring the servers to a screeching halt as consumers 'round the globe attempted to get in before the 2.5 million mark was hit. Now, however, the team has removed that barrier for the next fortnight (through January 24th, being that it was decided on Saturday) in effort to make the download experience more ideal. Crisis averted. Just in case you've forgotten how good it looks, we're including a gallery, and don't remember how much fun we've all had running it on the MacBook Pro and the VAIO P.

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