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Nintendo: Kids don't like math. We checked


Nintendo recently employed the services of Wakefield Research and had a survey conducted. The results of said survey show that 1 in 5 kids are more inclined to believe they'll be rich and famous than good at math. Who would've thought today's youth lacked so much self-confidence? Some other key items of interest include:
  • More than 1/3 of kids surveyed say math is their most difficult subject
  • Nearly 1/3 of the kids view math in a negative light; 18% called it "boring," while 13% called it "torture"
  • 86% of parents surveyed say math is important to their careers, even though they thought they'd never need math back in school
This, of course, segues brilliantly into Nintendo's newest game for the DS: Personal Trainer: Math. Oh, and will you look at this? Why, look what game released this week. What a coincidence!

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