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Sharp does the unthinkable, intros slotMusic-friendly sound systems

Darren Murph

Whoa, Sharp -- wait just a minute. Did you really just introduce a pair of music systems that get down with slotMusic players? Though it's practically impossible for us to believe that such an occurrence has just, um, occurred, the 160-watt XL-DH258NH and 64-watt XL-DH228NH micro-audio systems actually do include a USB port for syncing up with SanDisk slotMusic players (along with any other USB-enabled PMP, we presume). Of course, Sharp did hedge its bets by including an iPod dock along with a universal auxiliary input, so we suppose we can't harsh on 'em too much. Both units arrive in any color you like so long as it's glossy black, and there's even an AM / FM radio, six-band equalizer and alarm clock tossed in for good measure. Catch the XL-DH258NH this June for $199.99 or the XL-DH228NH in July for $179.99.

[Via iTechNews]

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