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The Daily Grind: Do you take advantage of recruit-a-friend offers?


MMOs are all about having a massive amount of people in one world, so you might as well drag a few of your real life friends along for the ride, right? Or are you more of the person who likes to leave his friends behind, so you can have all of those pretty treasures and super powerful abilities for yourself?

Today's grind question wants to know if you enjoy taking advantage of those "bring your friends" offers and why you do it. Is it all about having a way to get your friends into your favorite game quickly and easily, with things like triple the experience for your buddy? Or is it more because you get that sweet mount and free game time? Whatever the reason is, let us know if why you've taken advantage of these programs, or perhaps why you may not be so keen on the whole idea down in the lovely white comment box below.

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