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What happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas -- Engadget departs CES


Well this was one for the record books. Between the full-court press of 3DHD, Sony's announcement of the VAIO P netbook... er, ultraportable, and the nuclear bomb that was the Palm Pre announcement, no one will forget this CES anytime soon. As in previous years, the Engadget team came, saw, and worked nonstop to cover every piece of gear we could get our hands on. After keeping it in the red for days on end, we're all feeling pretty burnt and ready for a long nap, but insanely stoked that we could bring you CES the way it's meant to be experienced: like a screaming neon blur.

We'll be back in full force for CES 2010, but until then, you can gestate on our hard numbers and sad trailer teardown video after the break.

We're adding pics to the gallery, and just added a new video of us working as we normally do.

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Gallery: Engadget CES 2009 trailer teardown | 11 Photos

Vital stats

Number of posts on Engadget Classic: 547 (and counting)
Number of posts including Engadget HD and Mobile: 866 (and counting)
Videos posted: 73 (and counting)
Number of cameras: 30 (to people ratio: 1.36)
Average number of laptops per person: 1.09
Average hours slept nightly: 3
Candid chats with Jimmy Fallon: 1
Number of people who got sick: 4
Number of burgers ordered from Fat Burger: 75
Orders of southwestern eggrolls at Gordon Biersch's: 4
Trips made between the Venetian and the Las Vegas Convention Center: 41
Number of times "Jizz In My Pants" was watched: 37
EV-DO card to people ratio: 2.05
Number of times we heard the phrase "Renoir" during one visit to the LG booth: 30
Number of bathrooms in the trailer without installed toilets: 2
Time spent creating the Engadget trailer: 2 days
Time spent destroying the Engadget trailer: 46 minutes

Team Engadget

Joshua Topolsky, Thomas Ricker, Paul Miller, Nilay Patel, Darren Murph, Chris Ziegler, Sean Cooper, Josh Fruhlinger, Laura June, Ross Miller, Tim Stevens, Joseph L. Flatley, Ben Drawbaugh, Richard Lawler, Steven Kim, Jose Andrade, Alberto Ballestin, Ittousai, Andy Yang, Jacob Schulman, Kevin Wong, Trent Wolbe -- and our man on the ground Don Melanson.

The up-keepers

Gavin, Celly, Christoph, and the rest of the totally amazing Blogsmith team. Matt, Mark, and their crew of design whizzes. Marty Moe and Brad Hill -- guys that get it.

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