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And the band fails on: New law seeks to put warning labels on games


California Rep. Joe Baca (D) and Virginia Rep. Frank Wolf (R) have introduced a bill that would require cigarette-style warning labels to be placed on games rated "T" or higher by the ESRB. GamePolitics reports that H.R. 231, titled "The Video Game Health Labeling Act of 2009," would require aforementioned games to provide the following notification: "WARNING: Excessive exposure to violent video games and other violent media has been linked to aggressive behavior."

If the bill does pass, the ESA will no doubt release its lawyers and the organization could potentially collect another reimbursement check from a governmental organization for wasting its time. Not only is the science shaky on the media violence issue, but the bill singles out a single industry instead of going after every industry with violent media. Failure appears to be inevitable.

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