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Avalanche Studios developing 'open-world fantasy' AionGuard


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Open-world fantasy news now, with Edge's latest issue taking a first look at "AionGuard," a new Lord of the Rings-inspired project from Avalanche Studios. According to the British mag, AionGuard follows the exploits of an army intent on capturing land that is otherwise "occupied by numerous mythical and magical creatures." As any band of armor-clad warriors will tell you, that's by far the worst kind of land to capture.

It inevitably leads to violence, which is probably why narrative director Odd Ahlgren says it's like "God Of War, but it's a lot more open and you have lots more choice in how to tackle these situations." He insists that the game isn't an RPG, however, and allays fears that action will revolve around grinding. The folks at Avalanche, who previously parachuted into the jungle with Just Cause, have yet to announce a publisher for the Xbox 360 and PS3 title.

Not that they should have trouble finding one -- it says here you'll also be able to pilot dragons. We'd be lairs liars if we said that didn't excite us.

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