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Bowser gets starring role in Mario & Luigi 3


Mario & Luigi 3 won't just limit you to playing as the titular plumbers -- you'll also spend part of the game in control of arch-nemesis Bowser.

Typically for the series, this turn of events comes about in wacky fashion, with Mario and Luigi finding themselves trapped inside Bowser (after he inhales them, à la Lord Jabu-Jabu), and able to affect the Koopa King's actions directly by the work they carry out within him. Excellently, Bowser (who is controlled with X and Y, as opposed to A and B) has a special attack that sees a small army of Goombas charge enemies.

These delightful details featured in the latest Nintendo Power, along with a basic synopsis of the story. Apparently, Mario and Luigi are searching for a cure to a disease that has swept through the Mushroom Kingdom, causing its denizens to balloon in size -- which explains those obese Toads.

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