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Clams getting more special treatment


Clams took this site by storm last week. 98 comments on a post about clams? Yes, sir!

The clam issue itself is simple to understand: Blizzard is updating a relatively obscure area of the game in patch 3.0.8 while ignoring other problems. At least that's what some people think. Truth be told I'm not sure where I stand on the issue. I can see how updating clam stacking is easy programmatically and fixes a small annoyance for some players. But at the same time I can see where people are upset that larger issues are not being addressed.

Massive Pwnage makes light of the situation in a comic posted today. "World of Warcraft: Ground-breaking changes with every patch," reads the subtitle.

The comic gets my stamp of approval, and gave me a good chuckle this afternoon when it came through our tip line. Be sure to head over there and check out the larger version.

This is so much easier!

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