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Free Realms continues to impress in CES 2009 video walkthrough

Kyle Horner

Free Realms, it's a game that defies pretty much every preconception people have about what an MMO usually is to them, and the newest video walkthrough on Gametrailers only makes that more apparent. Let's make a checklist:

  • Impressive visuals that scale on older computers? Check.
  • Small downloadable client, with streaming content tech ala Guild Wars? Check.
  • PC and PS3 versions? Check.
  • Tons of customization features for avatars? Check.
  • Pets? Check.
  • Customization for pets? Check.
  • Diablo-style combat, with lots of classes? Check.
  • Plethora of non-combat mini-games, crafting and exploring? Check.
  • Free-to-play, with optional microtransactions and/or family-friendly subscription plans? Check.
  • Business model that supports long-tail new content delivery? Check.
As you can see, there's a whole lot about Free Realms that should make it an incredibly successful venture for Sony Online Entertainment. The fact that they're taking their time and making sure the game delivers on what it promises is a commodity that we wish more companies would afford their games. Check out the second half of the walkthrough beyond the cut.

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