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National Safety Council calls for nationwide ban on cellphone use while driving


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There's already been a number of states that have passed some form of ban on cellphone use while driving, but the National Safety Council seems to think that there's still far too many folks out there talking or texting behind the wheel, and it's now calling for an all out nationwide ban on the practice. What's more, the group also says that laws that allow for handsfree cellphone use are "giving people a placebo, in effect," and that they don't, in fact, make calling while driving any safer. The group also seems to be taking particular aim at businesses, saying that calling while driving can increase costs and even open up employers to liability. As you might have guessed, however, the cellphone industry, and the CTIA specifically, disagree with that assessment quite a bit, and instead say that they believe that "safe, sensible and limited use of a cell phone when you're behind the wheel is possible," and that if someone is "driving irresponsibly because of cell phone use, they should be cited for that. And under current law, they can be."

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